”Bouldering × ?” Held a pre-event!

Hi, I’m Babby, met you last time, too!

Thanks for waiting, all of you who saw last artickle and thought “What’s this?”.

AQUARING Tsurumai Laboratory cooperated with PLAY MOUNTAIN! Imaike and we’ll hold a new event that fused bouldering and VJ on the end of April.
The thema is “creation of the new sports and challenging” that multiplied sports and IT!

On 20, March, held a pre-event and was well-received by participants.

【Bouldering × VJ】
Collaborated with VJ Issy and DJ FUMIHIKO!
Were sensing boulder’s motion.

【Bouldering × Battle】
Usurp encampment battling!
Most excited, weren’t they?

【Bouldering × Speed】
Learn the numbers and touch, clear faster!

Thank you for PLAY MOUNTAIN! Imaike, VJ Issy, DJ FUMIHIKO, all of participants.

We’ll tell you details later,
to incorporate guests’ opinions and are gonna prepare for wonderful event.
Next is on the end of April, come and join in!

The application used at pre-event will be juiced up. Look forward to it!

This time , technically, use the Electron based on the acquired information of motion using KinectV2,
generates a picture with in real time with WebGL, projected by the projector.

Electron can use Webview!
So, pasted images obtained from Webview object on the WebGL as a texture,
made scroll Webview on background with movements of opponent, we challenged new things.

Please share it!